REVEALED - The 7 Key Internet Marketing Strategies Every Local Business Must Know

KEY TAKEAWAY –  Email marketing is a proven, powerful marketing strategy that can help you engage with new prospects AND maintain relationships with existing clients.

Because it’s inexpensive and easy to use, email has become not only a major communication medium but a game-changing technology that completely revolutionized marketing & advertising practices.
A new industry was born virtually overnight, with email marketeers creating lists of people’s email addresses & sending them emails promoting various products & services.

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Are YOU gathering email addresses from the customers you’ve served or prospects you’ve interacted with?
Always…AlwaysALWAYS  collect your clients’ and prospects’ email addresses!  (In addition, of course, to all other possible types of contact information.)
Here’s why…  You may want to:

   •  Inform them about sales and specials you’re offering
   •  Share information you believe they would find useful or valuable for their business
   •  Reactivate lost, inactive and sporadic customers
   •  Keep your company, brand and business relationship “top of mind”
Reactivating lost customers with an occasional “special offer” or “limited time discount” can generate a sudden blast of new income for your business, literally at will.  Seasonal promotions are also popular.  If your list values what you’re offering them, they will respond.
Since prospects aren’t always ready to buy when you want them to, occasional emails are a great way to keep your relationship with them warm until they ARE ready to buy.  Just be sure to provide them with content they’ll welcome getting.  Electronic newsletters are a great way to provide value to your list while remaining top-of-mind until the selling opportunity does arrive.
An “autoresponder” service like AWeber, iContact or MailChimp can be set up to deliver emails to your recipients automatically at pre-determined intervals, saving you time and effort.
A well-designed email or newsletter marketing campaign can give you a very inexpensive way to stay engaged  with current clients and connect  with new prospects. 
NEXT UP:   We’ll look briefly at some other internet marketing strategies that are also desirable – but optional – depending upon your time & budget.

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