Video marketing works! Check out our powerful "Review Commercial" and "Expert Interview" videos!The video marketing business is booming as companies who want to communicate effectively with their customers are now using online video marketing to set themselves apart from their competitors.  Few types of communication methods come close to matching the persuasive power of a short, well-produced video message.

Video is effective because it’s everywhere today.  The widespread availability of inexpensive video technology and its ease of use has helped make many people more comfortable than ever in taking, producing, and sharing their own videos.  Witness the virtual explosion of YouTube, ranking third only behind Google and Facebook in total overall visitor traffic.

Another reason why video can be so compelling is that the average attention span of a typical internet user searching online for something today is measured in mere seconds, and speed is of the essence in delivering what they’re looking for when they visit your website.  Visitors tend to prefer video because it can convey information on more levels than audio or print channels.  It’s a “richer” mode of communicating.

As an example, in addition to simply informing your visitors about your products or services, hours of operation, location, and other factual data, video can also help build trust as you capture your visitors’ imaginations by visually “pulling back the curtain” of your business for them.  Spend a minute or two letting prospects get to know your business better, and then watch them walk through your door as soon-to-be customers.

NetCentricity produces two very powerful types of marketing videos for our clients:

"Review Commercials" - These 1-minute videos showcase your company's best 5-Star customer reviews. Leveraging the incredible marketing power of social proof, these unique review videos help convince the viewer that your company is the one they're looking for.

"Expert Interviews" - These 3-4 minute videos help position you as an authority in your respective professional field. You provide the viewer with several tips or advice that they'll find valuable and useful, with a call-to-action (CTA) at the end that generates leads for you.

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