NetCentricity will develop and implement a 60-day online advertising campaign to expand your business’s market share through coordinated social media marketing (SMM) activities.  NetCentricity will establish branded accounts for your company on various social media sites to expand your online marketing presence.  New Web2.0 properties containing unique content will also be created to drive additional traffic to your existing website and social media sites.  Periodic Facebook “posts” and Twitter “tweets” from your social media sites will also be performed by NetCentricity. 

Price:  $2,495.00


Optional but highly recommended:  Monthly social media marketing support.  Keeping your company properly engaged with your customers and prospects using social media is a daily task that requires some time be set aside for doing it.  For many business owners, this is time they can ill afford to lose – they’re already too busy just running their business!    Do as other busy business owners do – let NetCentricity handle it all for you!   When you subscribe to the monthly update service, NetCentricity will continue to add new articles and content to your Web2.0 blogsites, keep your RSS feeds updated, post regular updates to your custom Facebook page, regularly send “tweets” out to all your Twitter fans and followers, and will run your social media campaigns for you.  This service renews monthly and can be cancelled at any time.

Price:  $350.00