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5 Key Areas To Consider Early Each New Year

by Steve Houston With last year now in the rearview mirror and a new year stretching ahead, it’s a good time to assess where you just came from – and decide where you want to go – with your business.  Here are 5 key issues to review right now: Business Plan.  Last year, did you get […]

How Positive Thinking Can Kill Your Business

By Steve Houston You may remember Kenneth Lay, former chairman and CEO of Enron, the high-flying energy trading company that crashed and burned back in late 2001.  That epic meltdown caused billions of dollars of investors’ money to disappear literally overnight and threw thousands of employees out on the street.  It led to the demise […]

What Business Are You Really In?

by Steve Houston This is an important question every business owner, principal, or marketing executive should ask themselves early in the game, and you should consider it carefully from two different perspectives before answering.  The two correct answers – first from your client’s point of view, and then from your own perspective as a principal […]

The Marketing Strategy Small Businesses Need To Avoid Being “Carfaxed”

by Steve Houston How CarFax came to dominate the automobile industry is an amazing success story, and it’s particularly instructive since it also helps explain why this new marketing strategy small business must implement has become so critically important.  If you own or manage a company, read on because I’m going to tell you how to keep it from being “carfaxed” too… When CarFax entered […]

Dealing With Negative Online Reviews

by Steve Houston The genie is definitely out of the bottle. Whether you like it or not, your company’s professional reputation has now become a very public thing, and before doing business with you, consumers are researching you online more actively than ever before. Below are 5 important tips you should follow to minimize the […]

“How Do I Get More Customers?”

by Steve Houston “How do I get more customers?” is easily the most common question I’m asked by business owners these days.  The sluggish economy has dampened earnings results for many small to medium sized businesses and there’s no real relief from external sources in sight.  As a result, it becomes even more imperative for businesses […]

Rachel Botsman – The currency of the new economy is trust

Filmed Jun 2012 • Posted Sep 2012 • TEDGlobal 2012 There’s been an explosion of collaborative consumption — web-powered sharing of cars, apartments, skills.  Rachel Botsman explores the currency that makes systems like Airbnb and Taskrabbit work: trust, influence, and what she calls “reputation capital.” Rachel Botsman writes and speaks on the power of collaboration […]