NetCentricity will develop and implement a 90-day search engine marketing campaign to expand your business’s local market share through organic search engine marketing efforts including SEO (search engine optimization).  Using keyword research, two keyword phrases related to your business and that represent high-volume search terms will be targeted for optimization. The objective of this campaign is to achieve first page rankings for your website in Google’s search engine result pages when those phrases are used as organic search terms. 

Price: $3,795.00 


Optional but highly recommended:  Monthly search engine optimization services for your business website.  Google and the other leading search engines regularly change their search algorithms to ensure that their customers continue to get the best, most relevant results when they search for something online.  A business website that ranks highly one day may find itself slipping down the page with lower rankings the next day due to these changes, and also from increased competition from their competitors’ websites.  NetCentricity will continue to perform all the daily activities that help support high search engine rankings, including adding new articles and other content to your Web2.0 blogsites, creating new high-value backlinks to your company’s website, issuing new press releases, and adding your company to new online business directories.  This service renews monthly and can be cancelled at any time.

Price:  $350.00