Google AdWords is a powerful way to help you grow your business.If you want fast, quantifiable results from your advertising, Google’s PPC AdWords system is the way to go.

AdWords Pay-Per-Click is a great strategy to use to get your phone to ring more often or get more customers to show up at your business. Using Google’s Search network, when someone searches online for your company’s types of products and services, your ads display in their search results. When they click on your ad, it can either take them to your website where the sales conversion process continues or their click can make your phone ring directly.

Here are four key areas where AdWords excels when compared to other forms of advertising:

Speed. Printed Yellow Pages and other local directory publishing cycles can take up to 6 months. TV and radio advertising may take several weeks to get the ad creatives finished and your ads scheduled to run. Once they’re set up, AdWords start running almost immediately, and you can turn them on and off at will.

Control & flexibility. These are reasons you opened your own business. With many ad mediums you don’t have the degree of control you want. The more control and flexibility you have, the stronger competitive position you’re in. With AdWords, you have the most control of any ad channel. You decide how much to spend, what kind of ads to run, where you want your ads to run, what time of day or day of week to run them. You can also change any of your campaign details anytime you want – something you can’t do with others advertising channels.

Timing. With other types of advertising media, how do you know if your message is reaching the prospect at the moment they actually need your products and services? With Google AdWords, your prospects are ready-to-buy and actively searching for your type of company. You can even run seasonal ad campaigns, simply with the flip of a switch.

Transparency. Many ad types don’t give you the metrics you need to measure ad effectiveness and how well your money was spent. You need direct access to that information, and AdWords is highly transparent and incredibly detailed.

After having said all those good things about AdWords, should you use it as your sole means of advertising? No, of course not – smart business owners diversify their revenue-producing strategies. But it CAN be a good fit for most local businesses, and for many of them it’s their go-to advertising method.

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